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* Played in a high quality tournament in the city of Shirvan and got 1st place.
* Obtained 1st place in the C group of an international open tournament.


* Played for the first time in the under-12 National Championship and obtained 2nd place.
* Performed moderately well in the European Youth Championship in Tallin.


    * Won 2nd place in the National Championship and got the opportunity to play in the European Youth Championships in Austria.
    * Played in the World Youth Olympiad in Zakatala, Azerbaijan, and was delighted to win 2nd place and the opportunity to play for the Azerbaijani National Team.
    * In the World Youth Olympiad in Turkey, got a silver medal on his board and this marked his first success in international tournaments.


    * Acquired an international rating of 2201.
    * Won a silver medal for 2nd place in the World Youth Olympiad.
    * In each of 1999, 2000 and 2001, won 1st place in the BP Amoco Cup Tournament for youths in Baku.


    * In the World Chess Olympiad, captured 4.5 points out of 5 games.
    * Got 1st place in both the Azerbaijan under-16 and under-18 Championships.
    * In Dubai, played for the first time in an International Open and beat a grandmaster for the first time in his life!
    * Took part in the World Youth Olympiad and took a gold medal on Board 2.


    * Got 1st place in the National Men's Championship.
    * Won a silver medal in the European under-16 Championships.



    * Again won the National Men's Championship.
    * Obtained a silver medal in the European Junior Championship which was held in Baku.
    * Played for the National Team at the World Olympiad in Bled, Slovenia.
    * Won a gold medal in the European under-18 Championship.
    * Obtained 2nd place in the Open Grand Prix in Turkey.
    * Won the World under-18 Championship.
    * Acquired the title of Grandmaster.


    * Won a gold medal in the under-18 World Championship.
    * Took a gold medal in the World Junior Championship in Nakchivan, Azerbaijan. Please click here for the games.
    * Obtained 3rd place in the Young Masters Lausanne Tournament.
    * Won 2nd place on Board 2 in the European Team Championship.


    * Won the Dubai Open.
    * Got 1st place on Board 1 at the European Club Championship in Turkey.


    * Took 3rd place in the B group of the Corus Chess Tournament in Wijk Aan Zee, Holland.
    * Got 3 rd place in the European Team Championship which was held in Sweden.
    * Received 3rd place again in the Young Masters Lausanne Tournament.
    * Obtained 1st place on Board 1 in the European Club Championship in Italy.
    * Had a blitz match with World Champion GM Rustam Kasimjanov and won the match which was shown live on TV in Azerbaijan.
    * In Turkey, again won the World Junior championship. This was a record, as previously nobody had won the World Junior title more than once!


    * Won the A group in the Aeroflot Open.
    * Got 1st place in the Reykjavik Open tournament. Please click here for the games.
    * Was the best player in the Russian Club Championship, scoring 7.5 points out of 9.
    * Won the President's Cup Open Tournament in Baku.
    * Took 2nd place in the rapid tournament held in Mainz, Germany.
    * In Hoogoven, Holland, won the Category 20 super-tournament in which GMs Veselin Topalov, Judit Polgar, Ivan Sokolov and he competed. Some photos and games are here.
    * Played rapid games for the World against Kazakhstan and beat GM Darmen Sadvakasov 3.5 - 0.5.


    * In January of 2007, was ranked 4th in the world with a rating of 2752.
    * Was chosen as the best player of the French Club Championship, scoring 9 points out of 11.
    * Won a rapid open tournament in the Czech Republic.
    * Took a bronze medal on Board 1 in the European Club Cup in Turkey. The games are available here.
    * Played on Board 1 in the European Team Championship for the Azerbaijani National Team, which won the bronze medal. His games are here.
    * Again won the elite section of the Essent tournament in Hoogeveen, Netherlands. Click here for some information and here for all the games.


    * Obtained 4th place in the Baku Grand Prix.
    * Won the rapid tournament in Corsica.
    * Got 3rd place in the Dortmund Sparkassen Meeting.
    * Took a bronze medal on Board 1 in the European Club Championship in Kallithea, Greece.


    * Qualified for the 2009 World Blitz Championship by placing third among the 165 players in the Moscow Blitz Preliminaries which were held in Moscow on February 26. The top six performers at these preliminaries qualified for the World Blitz Championship 2009 held in Moscow 15th to 17th of November.

    * Won his way through to the last 8 of the 128 players in the FIDE World Chess Cup which took place in Khanty-Mansiysk. All of his 2009 World Cup games can be found here.
    * Was victorious in the 2009 Chess Classic in Mainz, Germany. This event was comprised of tournaments and Opens in both Traditional and Random Chess, including a rapid tournament called the Ordix Open. After previous attempts to win Ordix, he was finally successful and in fact scored a record-breaking score of 10/11. For a report by Eric Van Reem, please click here . If you'd like to play through his eleven games, you can do so here.
    * Achieved 2nd place in the 4th Kolkata Open Chess Tournament in India.
    * His greatest achievement of 2009 was his contribution towards the victory of Azerbaijan in the European Team Chess Championship which was held in Novi Sad, Serbia. In addition, he won the gold medal on his board.


* Scored 8 points out of 9 games in the World Team Championship in Bursa Turkey. Had the highest rating performance 2950 in the tournament
*  Took second place in the FIDE Grand-Prix tournament in Astrakhan
 *  Due to poor finish, ended in only 4th place among the six players in the Invitational Sparkassen Chess-Meeting 2010

*  Chosen as one of the 8 players to participate in the Candidates Tournament in 2011 to select the challenger for the world chess title

*  Winner of Batsia Blitz Tournament, Corsica, with a perfect score of  9/9

*  Won the  2010 Corsica Masters

* In the 2010 Tal Memorial, Moscow, was joint first on points (5.5/9) but placed third on tie-break system employed

*  Played in the 2010 World Blitz Championship, Moscow, 8th

*  Winner of an international blitz tournament held at Azerbaijan State Economic University on the occasion ot the 80th anniversary of that institution

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